The member companies of the Foreign Investors Association believe that through a consolidated experience sharing and joint coordination of forces between foreign investors and policymakers, a clearer picture of the concrete challenges affecting the investment climate in Moldova can be created, together with a more constructive framework for providing solutions.

The mission of FIA is to contribute, together with public authorities, to a better investment environment for foreign and direct investments through an open and informal dialogue among various stakeholders.




03.04.2014 - FIA re-elected its Board and President for another term
Following the decision of its General Assembly, the Foreign Investors Association re-elected its Board and President for another term. Ridha TEKAIA (President of Mobiasbanca Groupe Societe Generale) was re-elected as President of the Board, while Alexander KOSS (Speaker of Suedzucker), Liudmila CLIMOC (General Manager at Orange Moldova), Kamil YAZICI (General Manager at EFES Vitanta Moldova Brewery) and Alexandru MUNTEANU (Assistant Manager at PwC Moldova) re-elected as members of the FIA Board. 
04.03.2013 FIA elects new Board and President

Following the decision of its General Assembly, the Foreign Investors Association elected its Board and President. Ridha TEKAIA (President of Mobiasbanca Groupe Societe Generale) was elected as President of the Board, while Alexander KOSS (Speaker of Suedzucker), Liudmila CLIMOC (General Manager at Orange Moldova), Kamil YAZICI (General Manager at EFES Vitanta Moldova Brewery) and Alexandru MUNTEANU (Assistant Manager at PwC Moldova) became members of the new FIA Board. All FIA members expressed their gratitude to Joachim SCHREIBER, who has been President of FIA Board for 9 years, since the foundation of the association in 2003.

27.06.2012 Foreign investors are concerned about the worsening dialogue with Moldovan authorities

The Foreign Investors Association (FIA) expresses its deepest concern with regards to recent developments in the communication between Moldovan authorities and the business community.

The insertion in a non-transparent way of a considerable number of new provisions into the draft tax policy for the year 2013, after the finalization of the consultation process, has developed its faulty essence. Moreover, a missing cost/benefit analysis for the proposed policies, imposes its authors to operate more with emotional reasons than with pragmatic arguments, of economic nature.

Thereby, on June 21, after the Government meeting, the Minister of Finance, Veaceslav Negruţa, deliberately mislead the public opinion by distorting the role of  governmental institutions in creating a healthy competitive business environment. Calling upon principles of a market economy, he suggested that it should constitute a normality that local operators have to face competition, without bothering that in reality the Moldovan market is flooded with smuggled goods. This statement is even more regrettable when it comes from a person who has in his supervision state bodies responsible for collecting taxes: Tax Inspectorate and the Customs Service, the latter being directly responsible to fight smuggling.

Along with promoting the interests of its members to create a favorable investment climate, another mission of FIA is to defend the rule of law, which is essential for the protection of investments and, therefore, for a perspective of economic development. The above mentioned principles determine the full functionality of state institutions to protect the market from smuggled goods. FIA is currently witnessing an impressive growth of the latter, especially in the consumer business, but also on the energy market.

FIA members understand the difficult situation in which the Republic of Moldova is at this stage and urge the government representatives, responsible for drafting and approving the fiscal policy, to refrain from denigrating statements addressed to foreign companies -  which constitute one of the main sources of public revenue. However, FIA firmly believes that viable solutions may be found only through a civilized and constructive dialogue.

08.09.2011 FIA Board elects its President and Vice President
On September 8, 2011, the FIA Board elected unanimously its President and Vice President. Mr. Joachim Schreiber (Tirex Petrol) was elected as President of the FIA Board, while Ms. Liudmila Climoc (Orange Moldova) was elected as Vice President of the FIA Board.
05.07.2011 FIA members gathered for the yearly General Assembly

One of the main topics of the agenda was the election of FIA Board members. On September 8, 2011, at the next FIA Board Meeting, the newly-elected Board will elect its President and Vice President.

19.05.2011 FIA and the National Employers Confederation initiate the dialogue on Labor Code changes

On Thursday, May 19, FIA participated in a National Employers Confederation roundtable focused on the presentation of main amendments that should be operated in the Labor Code. The event gathered more than 60 participants on behalf of the Government, Trade Unions and business environment. FIA was represented by 7 persons. The amendment document contains all FIA recommendations from the White Book which refer to changes in the Labor Code. FIA and the National Employers Confederation believe that the event constituted the first step for re-launching the dialogue on changing the core principles of the Labor Code, that should be in line with those of a market economy.

15.03.2011 FIA members HE Vladimir Filat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova
FIA members discussed with the Prime Minister on several hot topics including land tradability, fair competition and tax policy.Mr. Filat promised that the tax policy and the budget Law will be adopted until March 31, 2011. Both parties agreed that the meetings between FIA and the Prime Minister should be organized regularly and have specific topics on the agenda.The Prime Minister stressed on the necessity of dialogue between foreign investors and the Government, asking for help in regards to the development of the reforms and of the country.

His Excellency announced about the foundation, during the next period, of the Prime Minister Economic Council, a body which will find solutions to problems and obstacles that stand in front of the economic development of the Republic of Moldova, of its business and investment climates.

The event was attended by 15 participants on behalf of FIA.
10.02.2011 FIA members met International Monetary Fund Mission to Moldova representatives

FIA members met Mr. Nikolay Gyorgyiev, Head of Mission and Mr. Tokhir Mirzoev, IMF Representative to Moldova in order to express their views on the current situation of Moldova's business environment. The initiative belonged to the IMF office in Moldova, which contacted FIA 10 days prior to the event. At least 9 FIA members presented problems they face in their business activity, focusing especially on the lack of a tax policy which makes impossible any cash flow planning, on problems linked to unfair treatment of economic agents which operate in the same sector, on caveats generated by the weak justice system, land tradability issues, etc

Meetings with IMF Mission to Moldova representatives became a tradition during past years. 

21.10.2010 FIA members met Dorin Dragutanu, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova


During the meeting, FIA members had the occasion to constructively discuss with the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, through a useful exchange of information for both sides. Mr. Dragutanu informed FIA on latest key economic and financial indicators of the Republic of Moldova and FIA members presented various legislative/regulation caveats, taken out from their daily business activity. The sides communicated positively on the annulation of the legislative provision in regards to the interdiction of keeping foreign currency for more than 7 days in the accounts of legal persons.


17.12.2009 FIA members met HE Vladimir Filat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova


Both sides which were present at the meeting signaled on certain problems and bureaucratic caveats in regards to opening and developing businesses in Moldova. 

Dinu Armasu, Executive Director of FIA, underlined the openness of the association to collaborate with the authorities for the development of the country’s economy, inclusively through elaboration of proposals which would lead to the improvement of the legislation and to the development of the investment climate of the Republic of Moldova.

Prime Minister Vladimir Filat mentioned, in his turn, the importance of maintaining an efficient partnership during the process of foreign investment promotion in the Republic of Moldova. In this context, His Excellency declared that keeping the “zero” tax for reinvested profits for the next two years clearly comes to confirm that the Government has intentions to facilitate business development in the Republic of Moldova.

The participants agreed upon organizing tri-monthly meetings during which would be discussed existent problems, would be evaluated the achievements and would be pointed out the objectives for the next period.